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Lanterns, lanterns everywhere!-A Lantern Filled Song Thu Bon River

We came to Hoi An on full moon. It  really was  exciting and magical night.  The Full moon, Vietnamese families worships their  ancestors  but  here has lanterns so much. The old town is lighten up by flickering candlelight, multi-coloured lanterns and boards of visitors who’ve come to see the full moon lantern festival.


We called the Hoi An Lantern Festival, as this ancient town is lit up with multi-coloured lanterns (even more than usual!) Electricity is used to a minimum in the old quarter and fluorescent lighting is totally banned, so there is a truly magical charm about this historic place

You can partake by sending paper lanterns with a candle to passenger who let it down into  the river, or simply soak up the atmosphere, wandering the streets of this tiny town


The Lantern Festival is all about the lanterns: it’s only fair really! As the evening progresses the river quickly fills with colourful lanterns and sampans ferrying passengers on a scenic cruise through the maze of lanterns. We spent over an hour in a quiet spot along the banks of the river and enjoyed the beautiful scene in front of us. The river is truly magical on the night of the Full Moon Lantern Festival and the lantern covered water took our breath away.

The atmosphere is fantastic in the evenings in Hoi An and the Lantern festival takes it to another level! Locals far outnumber the tourists as many flock to pay tribute to their ancestors under the light of the silver moon. The streets and bridges are filled with foot traffic and the stalls, restaurants and souvenir shops are crowded. Add poetry readers, dramatic theatrical performances and music into the mix and it results in a fantastic evening!


Hoi An Full Moon Night is a magical festival organized in old-blocks of the ancient town (stretching from riverside Bach Dang street to Tran Phu street where PhucKien Assembly Hall and Chua Cau Japanese Bridge Pagoda located on).

During the event, thousands visitors come to Hoi An to join an unforgettable festival with many unique activities